UberSoldier 2 in China

Play Ten Interactive Company and CNEC are going to release the shooter "UberSoldier 2" in China...

    Play Ten Interactive (PTI), a prominent Russian publisher and developer of videogames, announces an agreement with a top Chinese publisher CITVC Netempire Entertainment (CNEC) to release a hotly anticipated “UberSoldier 2” FPS game in People"s Republic of China.

    The product will be fully localized to Chinese and will feature multiple improvements over its predecessor, the original “UberSoldier” published worldwide by CDV in 2006. Among those are a brand new multiplayer system with 3 exciting game modes available on 12 maps, a refurbished character development structure adding roleplay element to the game, multiple special bonuses for hard-core players and of course an even more sinister and dark plot set against the background of the Third Reich’s collapse in 1945.

    “The significance of the Asian markets for the game industry has grown immensely in the past few years. We are pleased to start working in this promising area together with such an established and famous company as CNEC,” said Dmitri Kruglov, CEO of Play Ten Interactive. “They are a natural choice for publishers offering high quality games to the Chinese audience, so we did not hesitate to partner with them on UberSoldier 2”.

    “It is our honor to have the opportunity to work together with PTI and Burut CT, one of top Russian developers,” said Gai Zhe, Product Director of CNEC. “Although there are many problems here, we still believe that China has the most potential of all Asian markets. There are millions of gamers, who have been playing MMO or pirated games for years, but have not touched some of the best games worldwide yet, even from their great neighbor. That’s why we still focus on all kinds of games from all over the world, not only MMO titles. We found the situation in China is similar to Russia, so we believe we can develop this market together with our Russian partners and share the profit with each other.”