We’ve got out of the subway and faced the “Cosmos” hotel. The underground was swallowing people without a trace. So that’s why there were not many people and some of them were walking towards the glass doors.

We’ve got out of the subway and faced the “Cosmos” hotel. The underground was swallowing people without a trace. So that’s why there were not many of them and some  were walking towards the glass doors. We had to use the pedestrian subway due to the hard traffic circulation…

We were climbing an endless stairway, looking at the facade of the monumental hotel building, turning our heads… The spire of the “Ostankino” TV tower has pierced the grey thundercloud… However, there was no sign of red Mazda and Zhanna Friske.

When we saw a long queue next to the entrance into the main exhibition hall our disappointment has greatly increased. It’s been drizzling and the wind was chilling to the marrow… They say the nature has no bad weather… Well, such “paradise” weather has been for all three days and only in mornings the sun peeped out of clouds and sent its rays at the panes of the “Cosmos” hotel… Windows looked like covers of expensive chocolates made of gold foil.


When we’ve got accreditation and put our clothes to the checkroom the part of our delegation went to the stand and the rest dispersed around exhibition halls (these halls had the names of different planets) to hear various presentations in order to tell those who stayed in Voronezh about everything.

In spite of the fact that the grand opening was announced at 10 a.m. the punctuality has slightly been broken and thus only by the lunch time we finally had the opportunity to walk around and take a look at the whole thing: play, appreciate and estimate exhibited products.

After the lunch we relaxed, got used to the place and became acquainted with everyone. People were laughing, joking, arguing, admiring, picking on, exclaiming and having fun. Everyone liked the conference and the capital.

The language of “hooligans”, as Alex Severinov called it (if you want a contact phone number for complaints or respect for Daddy then turn to me) was very popular and frequently used on the exhibition: “PreveD Medved” and phrases like that were swarming in the air.

We’ve been visiting multiple presentations; around 30% of all were really engaging and interesting and thus Friday came to an end. Saturday brought the same fun: eastern dancers, girls with body-art, a twin sister of Lara Croft, beautiful model girls and splendid dames from the game industry.  


It was the second day when journalists reached our game “Hard to Be a God”; we were being questioned till the sunset (as for gamers they found us on Monday already!!). The game was nominated for the best computer graphics; the audience was also interested in the game engine, storyline, trailer and in many other features.


In the evening we went to the “Jumanji” restaurant on the Tsvetnoi Boulevard. The party organized by “Akella” was full of luxury, relaxedness and warm atmosphere. There were many colleagues and friends so we had common interests and things to talk about J In addition to this, imagine yourself a great smorgasbord, a fascinating party program, eastern dancers, hubble-bubbles, smiles, relaxing twilight, wonderful mood and you’ll get the full image!

During the party Zhanna Friske appeared and folks were having real fun on the dance floor. RevEn finally saw one of the most beautiful women of his dream with his own eyes: he couldn’t fall asleep at the hotel till the daybreak. When we were coming back home he leaned against the compartment window wistfully smiling on something… He never mentioned Red Mazda on our way back home.

On Sunday the jury devoted its attention and consideration to all developers; they were coming up to stands, asking questions and we were happy that our project hooked them as well. The conference was rolling to the end; participants of multiple contests arranged by developers got their prizes and awards… Faces were shining with happiness. The ceiling of the exhibition hall was covered with balloons that occasionally slipped through fingers… The reward has found its heroes. The Game Development Conference (KRI – 2006) was closed.

P.S. The release of the “Hard to Be a God” RPG will take place on KRI – 2007